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Confusions received its world premiere at Scarborough's Library Theatre in September 1974. Written for the Scarborough company to tour, it went on to open at the Apollo Theatre in May 1976, starring John Alderton and Pauline Collins.

Alan Ayckbourn remembers: "Five one-act plays written for our first Scarborough Winter Season. They played in Filey (in the round) on Tuesdays, Whitby (in the proscenium arch) on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and in the Library, Scarborough (three-sided) on Fridays and Saturdays. The cast never knew if they were coming or going."
The original cast comprised Scarborough stalwarts Janet Dale, Christopher Godwin, Stephen Mallatratt, Eileen O'Brien and Stanley Page.

Says Christopher Godwin: “In Filey we played at the inaptly named 'Sun Lounge', which we were all sure was a converted gents' loo. We had space heaters to dry it out and raise the temperature to freezing! Unfortunately this method of heating condenses all the moisture on the ceiling and when you turn off the heater, it drips. Nature will not be denied, and there the audience sat, bless them, in their rugs and winter woolies, all with their macs on and little plastic hats as the ceiling rained glutinous drops all over them.

“I remember Whitby better because we had an enormous storm one evening, and an electrician blew away. He fought his way back to the theatre, but it was touch and go. The wind was so strong that it blew the dock doors open and the flats on stage were blown over - very dramatic! The gentleman who ran the theatre at the time affected a kilt which did not blow in the wind, and he confided to me (he may have been joking) that there was more than one use for toupee tape."

Stanley Page has very happy memories of
Confusions: “I remember tremendous laughter rocking the little Library Theatre when we played Gosforth's Fête. There is nothing so riotous as laughter in the round!"

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